Thank you so much for investigating our my insurance options.  My wife and I really appreciate your attention to our account and are so grateful for all your assistance.

When I think back over the years of all the insurance providers that we have worked with, clearly our experience with John and Files Insurance Agency has been the best.

Thank you so much!

Tim Barkley, Manager

Your excellent, honest service to Jim and I will long be remembered. These days it is a rarity, indeed, for someone to put as much effort into studying our insurance needs as you did — and then give the specific reasons for us to switch to Files Insurance Agency. Thank you for your professional advice John. We will be sure to recommend you to everyone; and we wish you continued success.

Lisa Whistler, Consultant

I bought a car for my daughter a few years ago and needed to get insurance coverage.  I first called my carrier and they informed me that it would cost an additional $2300 on top of the $2200 I was paying for 3 cars already.  Fed up with the results I had been givern, I thought to myself, maybe I should just try Files Insurance Agency. John was able to get me coverage for all 4 cars AND save me about $300 a year!

Mr. John Anderson, Manager